Re-opening a child custody case in Florida

August 4, 2017

Subject: Child custody

As a Licensed Private Investigator within the State of Florida I constantly get 2 questions about re-opening a past child custody case or a divorce situation.  The first questions are “how do I get full custody of my child or children?”  The second question is “how do I prove my ex-spouse is a poor parent to our child?”

For the court to consider re-opening a child custody case in the state of Florida the petitioning parent must have proof that the other parent is or has been taking part in behavior that is endangering the child.  An example of that would be a recent arrest for DWI, a domestic violence incident with his or her new spouse or significant other.  These are just examples of some issues that the court will take into consideration.  As for the second question:  “how does one become sole custodial parent?”  For this to happen you must make a very compelling case to the court it would greatly benefit the child’s welfare, safety and mental stability to reside with the petitioning parent.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, relevant to getting child custody, retaining child custody or acquiring a positive outcome as well as have a verdict ruled in your favor.  I can get you moving forward.  I will work with your attorney to achieve this goal. If you do not have an attorney, I can guide you in the right direction for obtaining a lawyer that specializes in these types of cases.

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