Litigation Support & Attorney Services

Elite Investigations & Background Services stands ready to help all of our Attorney clients with detailed, professional investigations that represent the quality of you and your firm. We specialize in investigating all manner of personal injury cases including slip/trip and falls, traffic collisions, dog bite cases and much more. We are also also highly experienced in labor/employment matters and workers compensation cases. 

Our investigators have assisted firms in the recovery of evidence as well as the identification and statements of witnesses that have made key differences in recovering major settlements and judgments for their clients.  

Some of the most common services we are retained for are:

Scene Investigation and Witness Canvassing

As liability prevention experts, our staff has years of experience reviewing and preparing thousands of reports, video and photographic evidence and witness statements in regards to limiting and preventing liability for major property management firms in Florida. Let us put that experience to work for you and your firm, by identifying what they may have missed. 

We are also assist in traffic accident investigations and hit and runs, finding witnesses and evidence to identify whether the case has merit or potential, as well as finding evidence that is positive to your client's case.

We are prepared to assist with the following anywhere in Florida:

  • Personal Injury scene inspection, witness canvassing, in-field statements and evidence identification and retrieval.
  • Traffic accidents, hit and runs, (photos, videos & scene diagrams) and procurement of in-field witness statements and key evidence.
  • Property ownership identification for possible exposure.

Insurance Traces - Defendant Liability Information

Determining the existence of liability and the limits of liability are often the key factors in determining whether a case should move forward or not. Elite Investigations & Background Services can assist with finding this information for you and your firm quickly. With our extensive resources in Business, Auto, Homeowner, Umbrella, Malpractice, Renter, Product Liability and more, we can find the details needed to assist you. 

  • Whether a defendant has insurance before proceeding with a case.
  • Ascertainment of the extent of a defendant’s limits of insurance.

Difficult Locates & Services

What separates our firm from a standard process serving company is that we are able to take the most difficult locates and often turn them into success. Our investigators are highly experienced skip-trace experts that consistently deliver results on the most difficult cases. Our highly trained staff can assist with the following:

  • Difficult locates for defendants and witnesses that do not want to be found / served.
  • Access to databases and intelligence resources not typically available to day-to-day process servers or other investigative firms.
  • Knowledge of access to C-Suite, media, celebrity and entertainment defendants and other difficult-to-access individuals.

Witness Statements

Our investigators are experts the field of obtaining strong witness statements to help your case. We know how to locate a witness and gain their trust and cooperation, asking the right questions, and ultimately securing a detailed statement regarding an incident that they witnessed first-hand or were a part of. These skills only come with years of experience. Our investigators have taken thousands of statements and are well-prepared to assist with the following:

  • Personal injury, traffic accidents, commercial liability, product liability, dog bites, and other matters as needed in civil litigation.
  • Statements important to the defense of a client or clients accused of wrongdoing or negligence.
  • Witness statements that lend credibility to your case and that can be the key difference in favorable outcome in settlement or trial.
  • All recorded evidence is secure and statements are delivered in legal pleading format.
  • Statements taken by phone or in-person based on the needs of the case.
  • Phone statements are always a no-hit, no fee for our attorney clients.

Surveillance and Evidence Retrieval

Far beyond just sitting in our car with a camera, we have the in-field experience and determination to get the evidence that sets us apart from other firms. We are also innovators in the use of technology for surveillance, and will bring every possible tool to bear in your case. We are experts in conducting and obtaining surveillance and evidence as well as trash retrieval and documentation of key evidence. We do all the legwork for our attorney clients.