Surveillance/Counter Surveillance

In the world of investigations, the difference between a good investigator and a great investigator is often measured by their ability to conduct true, covert surveillance without being compromised. In the business, we call this "getting burned". Not getting burned is the mark of someone who truly understands the craft. We use the latest technology including GPS in certain situations.

Covert surveillance is an art just like any other. Positioning, equipment, intelligence and undetected movement all fold into a successful surveillance or stakeout. The craft of surveillance is far from the TV show example of simply sitting in the back of a van with a camera across the street. True practitioners must know how to first obtain intelligence on their subject, then wait patiently for the opportunity, get on foot when needed, utilize technology at every angle, and blend into their surroundings in any environment.

Elite Investigations & Background Services agents are some of the best in the business when it comes to the trade craft of surveillance, and our agents are dedicated to the practice. From years of undercover law enforcement and covert military experience, our agents have years of the experience and technical equipment and expertise needed to get the photo and video evidence needed in any situation.

Some of the ways surveillance can be used are:

  • Medical Fraud/Nursing home negligence
  • Infidelity and Cheating Spouse Investigations
  • Child Support and Child Custody Cases

Some real-case examples of our achievements:

  • Elite Investigations & Background Services agents were retained in a high-profile divorce case where one of the parties was accused of infidelity, however vehemently denied it in deposition. Evidence was obtained late at night of the subject exiting their residence and accompanying someone to a club in The Villages, where they were covertly videotaped in conduct that identified clearly that the subject was more than "just friends", resulting in a favorable outcome for the client.